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Introduction of Hangzhou Dunpai Chain Group Co.,Ltd

Introduction of Hangzhou Dunpai Chain Group Co.,Ltd

   Donghua chain group Hangzhou Dunpai chain the predecessor of limited company Hangzhou chain factory founded in 1951. More than 60 years, 60 years of history, after Hang Lian generations to carve, once created a glorious history. Enterprise was awarded the "five one" labor certificate of merit, "the Dunpai chain" of its leading products 08B-2, 10A-1 roller chain since 1980, won the national silver medal, 16A-1 roller chain in 1990 won the national silver medal, 06B-1, 08A-1, 12A-1, 16A-1 in 1987 was awarded the title of quality products in Zhejiang province. " Dunpai chain" from 60 time begin to export, products are exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao nearly 30 countries and regions," Dunpai chain " to the quality of high quality, reliable reputation, won the domestic and foreign merchants praise.前页图-01.jpg

      In 2003 after the restructuring of the Hangzhou Dunpai chain Co. Ltd. in East China chain group gained new vitality, this relies on the East chain group platform of innovation of science and technology and advanced management ideas, and constantly develop a variety of special chain, at home and abroad to meet the new demands of the market. Hangzhou is now the East Dunpai chain chain group" East chain"," Dunpai chain"," self-improvement chain" one of the three major brands, have the right to operate the enterprise stand on one's own, preliminary already formed the export value of 60000000 yuan, total production value 1.5 the size of hospitals.

    Continuous improvement, constant innovation, to meet customer demand, is our commitment to you as in the past, care, support, trust Hangzhou Dunpai chain Limited and" Dunpai chain"!