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Introduction of Hangzhou Dunpai Chain Group Co.,Ltd

Group company chain were equipped with "DONGFENG WARRIOR" military vehicles and AEW that shown in China military parade grand ceremony



    n 3rd Sept., the "Dongfeng Warrior" cross-road vehicles which equipped with SC1252 transfer box chain of Donghua group and Air-police 2000 AEW responsible for piloting task that equipped with Donghua aviation chains grandly shown in the China people anti-Japanese war&World anti-fascist war victory the 70th anniversary .

    Donghua SC1252 chain is used in the transfer box of "Dongfeng warrior" military vehicles, which can separate some engine power to vehicle front axle and make the vehicle realize stronger four-wheel drive based on the rear wheel drive and besides the aviation chain is installed in the key operation part-steering system of the Air police 2000 AEW.

    "Dongfeng Warrior" is one type of the cross-road vehicles which produced by the Dongfeng cross-road vehicles company limited (the auxiliary company of Dongfeng group company limited) which mainly designed for the military purposes and its appearance nearly same with US Hammer vehicle but with bigger performance than the latter. Because of its military purpose and also require big horsepower,so there have very strict requirements for its components and finally needed to pass the rigorous bench test established by the army and then can obtain the supplier qualification.

    In order to make the key parts of national defense equipment localization,Donghua signed R&D agreements with Dongfeng auto company in 2003 ,then it started to develop SC1252 chain for the military army. Donghua established the R&D team ,introduced the controlled atmosphere mesh-belt type continuous isothermal furnace to increase the chain parts fatigue.Besides,it also invested two million Yuan to establish the first transfer box chain bench test bed of China specially for the chain developments.After more than eleven years trial sample production,from the product design,process draft,sample production to the product performance test full process and many times trial and improvements, the performance has big leap and especially the fatigue performance increased more then ten times and in 2014,passed the military many times best and finally mass production and supply.

    The mass production of SC1252 means that China already have the  ability to make mass production of high-end vehicles transfer box chain and thus break through the foreign country transfer box chain monopoly in the past years and also make its own contribution to the national defense.

    The successful supply of SC1252 and aviation chain makes Donghua enter the supplier list of military equipment and at present, the QC of both chain also continuously goes on to ensure their stable quality and improvement ,for example,every two month,there will have one time fatigue test for both chain to ensure the stable quality of military products.

    In the subsequent days, Donghua will continuously make innovation,develop the chain transmission system solutions to satisfy the military equipment requirements ,then make more contribution for the national equipment localization construction.